Boy Named Sue and His Other Country Songs is [[Shel Silverstien|Silverstein's[[ sixth album overall and his first for RCA, originally released in 1969. The album was recorded at RCA studios in Music City, USA and produced by Silverstien's friend, the legendary Chet Atkins.

Track listingEdit

  1. "Alimoney"
  2. "Dirty Ol' Me"
  3. "Cloudy Sky"
  4. "Kick It Again"
  5. "Someday's Here"
  6. "Time"
  7. "Boy Named Sue"
  8. "Pathetic Way Of Getting Over Me"
  9. "Somebody Stole My Rig"
  10. "Comin' After Jinny"
  11. "Daylight Dreamer"
  12. "Bigtime"